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In 2017 we embarked on a charity project that consisted of the "reform" and reorganization of an orphanage.

A center where we detected huge deficiencies in organization and solubility of spaces, especially in the boys' bedroom.

The first thing that had to be done was to get rid of everything that was unusable. Items they had stored without knowing what to do with, like broken furniture, broken mattresses and books, damaged by the water that filtered through the windows in the rainy season.

We taught them to fix broken furniture, to build new pieces with the materials they had, in order to achieve making the space feel warmer, more inviting, where many people have to live together and start a family.

We wanted the orphanage workers to feel involved with the project, therefore we invited them to be an active part of it by teaching and taking them through the previous explained before and we formed a great team amongst all.  

​Finally, we designed and created a large mural in the living room to give the orphanage a more child-like and pleasant atmosphere.

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